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Industrial cable, Connector Manufacturer

More than 10 years of technological innovation, providing customized solutions


Lineconn Plastic Electronic(Industrial wiring harness)


Multi-strand oxygen-free copper wire
Conductor; up to a theoretical density of over 98%

Double shield

Signal control lineTwisted pair shielded cable,
Reduce external signal interference

Energy chain

Copper wire twist,flexible, oil resistant,
Tens of millions of drag chains


widely used inManipulator, Machine Tool,Servo Motor,Industrial Camerafield

Good insulation

TPE elastic materialinsulation
Structure is not restricted


Professional R&D,Customized specifications,length,Meet the various needs of customers


Industrial automation wiring harness


More than ten years of R&D and production,all types ofindustrial connectors

high quality

ISO quality management system certification,Have a variety of measuring / testing equipment.

Excellent equipment

Injection molding machine to ensure quality.
Advanced testing equipment,Automatic, efficient and stable。

Wide application

Widely used inAutomation, machine tool, automobile, medical and other industries


Industry Connector Products


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Lineconn Plastic Electronics 4 advantages

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More than 10 years of experience

Production,R&D,sales and service in onemanufacturer

Plant area 3300 square meters,Professional team of more than 50 people.

Standardized management

Professional R&D team,Reliable technology.

Advanced testing equipment,Ensure product quality

ISO quality system certification.

Customized production

Customized according to customer requirements,Propose an optimization plan.

Products are more competitive,In line with international standards.

Have a strong strength and reaction speed

Perfect management system,On time delivery.

Has 11 patents,12 national patents are pending.

Quick response within 24 hours,Solve puzzles and problems

Lineconn Plastic Electronics

About us

Dongguan Lineconn Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd./Lineconn aisa limited(Hong Kong) was established in 2008. We specialize in R & D/manufacture/sales of industrial cables and connectors. The products are mainly used in industrial automation/manipulator/servo Motor/machine tool equipment/automobile/medical field. ……

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